street labour festival 2012

street = strasse; lab = labor; our = reclaime your city; street labour = strassenarbeiter
venues: Heimathafen Neukölln, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Kulturbrauerei Kindl (Neukölln), Cube, Public Space

facts: 5 venues, 4.500 m2 exhibition space, experimental art festival with 150 urban artists, urban art clash, workshops, urban art circurs, 3.000 visitors over 4 days!

STREET LABour presents a selection of national and international urban artists who expose the urban hinterland instead of simply just “illustrating” it. The artists’ work has the capability of entertaining without being just another distraction from questioning the complexities of society. They will provoke and ultimately fascinate you.

“Street labour" is an art festival that deals in a unique way with contemporary forms of urban culture or rather, urban multi-culture. The second edition of streetlab takes place in venues and project spaces across Berlin’s melting-pot districts Kreuzberg and Neukoelln. A picture of urban culture will be painted through the exhibitions,installations, workshops and the festival’s highlight “Urban Art Circus” in the Heimathafen Neukoelln.

The festival aims to provide a window into the international urban creative scene and to start a dialogue with the people of this city, about their city. As well as its presence on our streets, the last few years have seen street art appearing in museums, cultural institutions and galleries. Urban art has developed its own gravitas–something that just a few years ago seemed unattainable. Its influence can be felt in the fields of advertisement, graphic design and fashion, and it has equally influenced the aesthetics of contemporary art. The development of this culture continues out on the streets, with its utopian desire to stake out space and create room for individual expression within the urban landscape.

One of the main topics of the festival is the gender equality and cooperation of males and femals. Therefor we created a new dance battle concept with the name "Bonnie & Clyde". Since each team has to consist of one female & one male at the battle it will be a question of the dance and not the gender. We choose the concept of bonnie & clide to motivate the women to engage more in the battle scene and to encourage men to partner up with women more often. It´s a rare concept and we hope for your support and to see you in crazy teams in the wonderfull old ball room "Heimathafen Neukölln".

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