the five element ball

Berlin Voguing Out Festival 2013 by Georgina Philip /// Festsaal Kreuzberg, Südblock, Theater AufbauKreuzberg
ca. 800 Besucher

Lab montage was glad to run the production & consulting of the Berlin Voguing Out Festival 2013 in Berlin. Since 2012, the first Voguing Festival ever in Germany, dancer Georgina Philip follows her roots and brings a new festival format to Berlin. Voguing started in the 60s in the ball room of Harlem/New York. Since than the movement of Voguing is around the world. With workshops, parties , panel discussion, movies & the highlight "The Five Elements Ball" over 4 days the festival pictures a view into the Voguing movement. Archie Burnett entered the festival as the special guest from New York!

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DJ Jan Kedves(House of Shade)
DJ Crash

Georgina Leo Melody


Price for the Winner of all Categories is a Trophy by Archie Burnett & Cesar Valentino

Runway "Best Dressed"
Bring it to the Runway inspired by the Element of Air. Your outfit should represent the flow, energy and freedom of Air - there will be a fan on the runway, so you better walk up a storm!!!

Judges :
Archie Burnett //Ernest Look // Joey Love //Sheila Wolf

Photo Contes
Show us your personal look inspired by the Element of Earth. Impress us with your creativity!!(Preselection Shoot in the Afternoon)

You have 3 minutes to get your picture perfect Close up Shoot and 5 minutes to get your stunning shoot of your best dynamic move or jump.

Homardpayette will choose the TOP 8. the winner will be choosen by the judges in the Evening.

Tomaso Baldessarini //Archie Burnett
Rolando Alfredo Casper // Homardpayette

Win a Photo-shoot with Homardpayette on the 18th of August in Berlin and perfect Make Up by Rolando Alfredo Kasper

New Way Performance
Bring it to the dance floor inspired by the Element of Water. Be an icy queen and show us your rigid lines as well as making us feel the fluidity and elasticity of water with your stretch. We are thirsty for you!!!

Archie Burnett

Fem Performance
Spark your imagination through the Element of Fire. Kindle your SOFT embers or bring on the DRAMATICS with a fiery ensemble - just make it hot!!!

Archie Burnett

Funkin Stylez Qualification Battle
The winners of the New Way & Fem Category will battle each other and the winner is qualified for the Funkin Stylez Final Voguing Battles 2013

Archie Burnett

Show Contest as a House
Give us an exciting showcase of your House representing the Fifth Element of Spirit and Space in which all the other elements exist and operate.
Be daring and innovative, and show us your team spirit!

The length of the show should be between 3:00 and 3.30 minutes. Use the theme of the Four Elements AIR / FIRE / WATER / EARTH to show us the different qualities and characters of your House using all 5 Elements of Voguing. Go wild as a teams and show us your Spirit of the Fifth Element!!!

Archie Burnett // Marvin A. Smith // Nikeata Thompson