master of arts

master of arts: The stage design degree established at the TU Berlin in the year 2000, redefined itself in 2007 by expanding into the field of interactive spacial composition. The two year Master of Art degree course is tailored towards artistically inclined graduates in disciplines such as architecture, interior design, product design and brand communication. Graduates of fine art, costume design, theatre studies, stage direction, dance, culture management and other related subjects are also welcome.

Interdisciplinarity, Innovation and Creativity: Our course combines two approaches to dramatic composition: On the one hand it explores stage design for theatre, opera, dance and musicals, and on the other hand it focuses on creating interactive spacial settings for exhibitions, events, performances as well as for contact and communication hotspots within companies. This unique focus broadens our graduates’ professional outlook for the future.

Artistic, Scientific and Social Skills: Our students benefit from close mentoring through seminars, workshops and one-on-one colloquia. We nurture social competencies, particularly communication skills and team work. Our aim is to encourage creativity, originality and individual resourcefulness. Each year we handpick 12 to 18 students through an application process


Praxis and Project Orientation: One fundamental feature of this post graduate course is our collaboration with external associates who also form part of the teaching body. Our partners include universities (UdK Berlin, HfS Ernst Busch, HfM Hanns Eisler, TFH Berlin), theatres, event managers, agencies and businesses. Realization competitions and 1:1 project actualizations convey qualitative, practical and concisely structured project oriented training in artistic and representational fields.

Location: We are housed in an atmospheric, old red-brick factory in Berlin-Mitte, where we are able to provide individual work spaces for each student. Spacious studios are available in the Ackerstrasse.