urban art circus 2012

The Urban Art Circus is a unique art project that collides together urban art forms in an experimental way. Based on hip hop battles where MCs, DJs or break-dancers compete against each other tournament-style. The artists will muse, rip and riff on the topic of the festival "freedom". This is where the circus begins: Street Art meets Jazz .. meets Poetry .. meets Street Dance .. meets Theatre ... meets club culture ... meets acrobatic ...!

The Circus audience stands in the middle of this Big Top of creativity and experience inspirational live performances as the art forms clash. The outcome is impossible to predict.

Artists: Asphalt Piloten, Clara Moto, Dominique Rosalles, Eliot, Georgina Philip, Hamudi & Kriz, Ingo Gabriel, KEN aka Plotbot, Jan "Yaneq" Kage, Lichtpiraten, MIJ.K.DO., Misoleil, Piggo, Prince Kwadwo Ofori, Robin Sukroso .....